Can AI free your sales team ?

Deepan Subramani on Sep 21, 2018

AI has been a hot trending topic these days. Is it just another tech topic ? In a Forrester study, 46% of respondents in the survey said, within their organizations sales and marketing functions lead the investment and adoption in AI systems.

AI adoption within sales function will benefit organizations in terms of competitive advantage over others with respect to improved sales productivity and reach. And as it has been with many other new technologies, the early adopters of AI systems will reap the most benefit when it goes mainstream with in a year or two.

What’s there out in market today ?

Based on our market research, most common AI capabilities around sales come packaged with one or more of the following aspects,

  • Automated data capture
  • Data enrichment
  • Lead & opportunity prioritization
  • Predictive sales target forecasting
  • Spotting coaching opportunities
  • Predictive price negotiation

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While these initial set of capabilities might appear primitive compared to the huge hype around AI, the investments that are being made by existing players and new entrants will accelerate the advent of more sophisticated capabilities very soon.

With such AI capabilities, you will be freeing your sales team to focus on creative and emotional aspects of sales while machines take care of tasks involving computationally intensive number crunching to connect infinite data points to derive at the best possible path leading to success.